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How does Your Space work?
Your Space is the easiest way to simplify and de-clutter your life, you find complete peace of mind with stress-free storage and access at the touch of a button, – and we collect and return when needed. You simply log in to Your Space account and let us know how many YSD storage boxes you need. Don’t worry about ordering more, since we only charge for filled boxes. We'll deliver to you custom tamperproof, waterproof, sturdy plastic YSD storage boxes for you to pack your things in. For every box you can add a title & description and when you are done packing, let us know and we'll collect these filled boxes. Our team will also click photos, seal them and upload them into your account as a reminder of what’s in each box and take them away to our secured warehouses with 24hr surveillance. Any time you need something back, simply log in, select the items you want back and let us know when and where you want them delivered.
Where are my things stored?
We store all items in our hugely secured warehouses with 24 hour security and surveillance. Check out our safety and security measures in http://www.YourSpaceDoctor.com/BusinessStorage.aspx. Your Space takes all the hassle out of rented storage facilities by providing pick-ups and deliveries of all your items at the touch of a button, so there is no need to leave your home or office. In order to ensure that all our client's things are safe and secure, it is also not accessible to the public.
What are our hours of operation?
Your Space customer service is open from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday. We are able to arrange collections and deliveries between 09:30-18:00 Monday to Sunday. For urgent deliveries / retrievals there may be surcharges involved. We will be offering even more flexible delivery and pickup windows in the near future - stay tuned!
How can I see my things online?
Simply log in to Your Space account and you will be able to access all the details for all items you have in storage with us along with their photos and any descriptions that you may have provided.
Is there a Your Space mobile app?
We'll be launching specific iOS and Android apps in the near future.

YSD storage boxes, YSD space plan & Packing

What is an YSD storage box?
Your Space, YSD storage boxes are made from strong plastic, designed specifically to safely store your things. They are waterproof and have tamper-evident security seals to ensure that your things are always kept sealed and safe until you decide to open the box again. For your reference, the dimensions in centimeters are 60L x 40W x 32H and we have compiled examples of what a typical person could store in this box.
What can I store in an YSD storage box?
Pretty much anything you need stored with the obvious exceptions being anything perishable, liquids, any illegal substances, explosives, flammable materials, hazardous materials or very fragile or high value items. Visit non permissible item list to check what you cannot store with us. You are however responsible for packing your things and ensuring that items are safely wrapped in bubble wrap or packaging paper as necessary. All items should be carefully packed so that they can be safely transported and stored. In case, you would like us to pack for you, packing service charges are applicable.
What is YSD space plan?
We provide minimum 8 sq.ft. of storage space (2 x 4 sq.ft.), with height of 8 ft. so as to fit all your larger items-vertically and minimize your space requirement. You can order as much space in multiple of 8sq.ft space thereof. You can also estimate the space required with our Space Calculator.
How do I know how many YSD storage boxes I need?
Each YSD storage box measures 60L x 40W x 32H (cm). For your reference, we have provided examples on our website of what a typical person can store in an YSD storage box. You can even order extra YSD storage boxes and we will collect any empty ones along with the full ones. Don't worry, you will only be charged for those boxes that you actually use. If you have packed your boxes and still need more, just give us a call or order online and we'll send you more empty YSD storage boxes for you to store your items.
Is there a weight limit?
From a health and safety perspective, it is important that each YSD storage box or any other item does not weigh more than 25kg. Our employees move a lot of boxes every day and this is an important consideration for them. If you have heavy items such as books, please separate them into multiple YSD storage boxes. If an YSD storage box is too heavy when we come to collect it, we may ask that the items be split into separate boxes.
How do I securely close my YSD storage box?
Ensure everything is well packaged with no items overflowing outside the container. The 2 parts of the lid should interlock and after inspection by YSD team, they will add 2 tamper-evident security locks into the rectangular hole in the centre at either end of the container to seal it further. You are required to further sign on this seal for more security.
How long can I keep the empty YSD storage boxes for before they are picked up?
We ask that you please schedule a collection of your filled YSD storage boxes within 1 week from the date that the YSD storage boxes were delivered to you. Generally, while ordering empty boxes, you will be required to enter the collection date as well. Once the 1 week period has passed we will need to charge you as if the YSD storage boxes were in storage.
Will you open my YSD storage boxes?
No. Each box is packed and sealed with our tamper-evident seals and we won't open them. However, if in the rare case that we suspect there is something dangerous, illegal or smelly inside or if required by any government or regulatory authority by way of demand or order we may need to open the container. In such case we will do our best to inform you about any such requisition as soon as possible.
How do I view my items stored at your warehouse?
Simple, just log in to Your Space account and click on ‘My storage’ to view all that is stored with us.
Can I store items that don't fit into a Your Space YSD storage box?
Yes we also provide storage by square feet, for the items that cannot be stored in a box. Our size variants are in multiples of 8 sq. ft. (2 x 4sq. ft.) To check what space you will require check our Space Calculator

Deliveries & Collections

How can I get my things back?
Simple, just log in to Your Space account and select the boxes in the 'Things with you' section and click on 'schedule return'.
What’s your coverage area?
We are currently in Mumbai, Pune and Vadodara, However, we are soon launching PAN India, so you need not worry. We will collect boxes from every nook and corners of this country.
How much advance notice do you need?
Bookings made before 3PM can be arranged between 9AM and 1PM the next day. Bookings made by 9AM can be arranged between 1PM and 6PM the same day. Our team will be in touch with you and keep you updated.
Where will your driver collect my items?
We try to offer as much convenience as possible and our drivers have a very busy schedule of deliveries and collections every day. We therefore ask for items to be ready for inspection by our team before we seal the boxes. You are however responsible to ensure proper parking space for the pickup and that we are allowed to use the elevators. There may be a certain surcharge incase of absence of elevator.
Can I get my things delivered to a different address?
Absolutely. Please quote your Return request no and send an email to our customer service with the new contact address and we'll deliver them there. If you want them to be delivered to another person, please enter their information. For the delivery, make sure they have a photo ID on them so that we can ensure that your things are being delivered to the correct person. Also, there may be a surcharge if the new delivery address is beyond city limits.


How and when do I pay for storage and deliveries?
We have fully automated billing integrated into our system, which means you don't need to worry about paying an invoice manually every month. You will be required to enter your credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard) /Net Banking, details through Your Space account when placing an order with us. We will then bill you on a for all storage and service charges according to the plan taken. Business users that require invoices to be issued, please contact us.
What other fees should I be aware of?
We provide free delivery of empty YSD storage boxes and free collection of full YSD storage boxes, absorbing the transportation costs and most road fees. Where we must incur parking fees in order to arrange deliveries or collections, those fees will be added to your bill. Urgent delivery or collection requests may be subject to a surcharge.
Are the things I store with Your Space insured?
Yes. Each YSD storage box is automatically insured for 25,000 INR and each minimum space plan of 8 sq. ft. (2 x 4 sq. ft) is insured for 25,000 INR. Higher insurance coverage can be requested by giving us a call or sending us an email. Please review our terms and conditions for more details regarding insurance and how claims would be handled.
There are regular promotional offers which you can avail as well.
What are the minimum requirements?
We only require our customers to store at least 1 YSD storage box with us for 1 month.
For space, we require you to book 8 sq.ft ( 2x 4sq. ft.) minimum. for at least 1 month
What happens if I order my items back within 1 month of putting them in storage?
We do not prorate months for storage. If you have your items returned before the next billing cycle you will not be charged for the following month. If you arrange a return within a billing cycle, you will be charged for that whole month but not the next.
What happens if I order more YSD storage boxes than I need?
We actually recommend you to order a couple more YSD storage boxes than you will need just in case you underestimate how much things you want to store. We'll collect all full and empty YSD storage boxes together and we'll only charge you for the storage of YSD storage boxes you use.
What happens if I change my mind and send back all my YSD storage boxes empty without storing them?
In the case that you have ordered and then do not have any full YSD storage boxes to store with us, we'll have to charge you 199 INR per box that is the transportation cost of delivering and then collecting the empty YSD storage boxes from you.
How much do Your Space YSD storage boxes cost?
Use of our YSD storage boxes is totally free when storing items with us. You can keep empty YSD storage boxes for up to 7 days, after which we'll charge you as if the YSD storage boxes were stored with us. If you wish to purchase empty YSD storage boxes for yourself, we'll charge you 700 INR per box, as well as a one off fee INR 150 for the delivery of those boxes to you.
What happens if I miss a payment?
While we understand there may be unforeseen circumstances that lead to a delay in payment, it is always best to contact us as soon as possible so that we can do our best to avoid having to charge you unnecessarily. We will otherwise be required to impose fees for delinquent payments after a few reminders. Please refer to our terms and conditions for any fee applicable under Annexure A, for any failed deliveries or collections.
What happens if I cancel or change a collection or delivery or if I am not available to receive it?
It is always best to contact us as soon as possible so that we can do our best to avoid having to charge you unnecessarily. Please refer to our terms and conditions for any fee applicable under Annexure A, for any failed deliveries or collections.
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