An Innovative Way to Store Your Antiques, that will Preserve Your Old Memories

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October 14, 2017
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December 15, 2017

“Old is Gold”, always said by the elderly people of our generation and before. But, guess what, we somehow realise that it is true. Remember the days when each house had at least one large clock hanging on a wall with a pendulum, that used to chime in a particular pattern every hour? We still cannot forget the rhythm of that sound. Also, there was a time when we used to sit or eat or lie down on huge furniture with beautiful floral designs.

Today, those beautiful things have become antiques, with a plethora of our wonderful memories. But sometimes storing them in our homes becomes difficult. Therefore, we have come up with some artful techniques to store your antiques, that will preserve your old memories.

Select an Ideal Environment

Antiques are old, and so, are to be stored with care. Therefore, you must look for a place with an ideal environment, because it plays a vital role in protecting those old, artistic pieces. An antique preserved in a location with perfect temperature majorly helps in avoiding various environment damages to the pieces.

Wrap them Properly, Shift them Carefully

Bumps, drops and bangs always prove to be dangerous to antiques. Hence, before moving, pack them either with bubble wrap, a blanket, plastic stretch wrap or any other protective covering. Also, you must check for detachable pieces, if any, then remove and wrap them separately. Once you have done the packing properly, shift them with utmost care.
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Remember to be Safe & Secured

Because antiques are precious and quite valuable, their safety and security is something that you must keep a check on. Such as, while storing the antique pieces, make sure of applying pest control medicines, and preserve them in a room which can be easily accessed and monitored. In such cases to take help from for storage space providers is the best option, for they will keep your antiques absolutely safe & secure, as they are professionals of it.

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