Downsizing space is necessary. Preserving your belongings is emotional.

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December 15, 2017
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May 21, 2018

Moving from a home, full of your cherished belongings to a smaller home is as emotional as preserving your prized possessions. It can be an overwhelming experience. The situation is quite tricky. Getting rid of memorable possessions is a necessity but does it have to be emotionally draining?

It is that time when you experience an emotional tug-of-war between optimizing precious living space and not wanting to part with your prized possessions. There can be several reasons behind moving to a comparative smaller living apartment. However, the obvious ones are reducing overheads, someone who lived with you has left, or children grew-up and have shifted to another city for work, or maybe you are retiring soon and would just need a small home. Often, maintaining a large home can be an arduous task.

Over the past few years, people have opted to live in a small home because the home is in a desired location and neighborhood, closer to the workplace, or places where amenities are available round the clock. When such situations arise, people always encounter the problem of fitting the same number of possessions in a smaller home. Often, it is difficult to shift to smaller homes for the middle-aged or the elderly. Many people are emotionally attached to their possessions – like important papers, family heirlooms, photo frames, paintings, electronic items, books, etc, which they have carefully preserved for years together.

Once the downsizing is planned, they face the inadvertent struggle with storing their possessions in a small space. It is here where Your Space comes in picture.

Your Space offers professional and personalized storage solutions for businesses and individuals. Your Space is country’s first and largest company to provide customizable household storage facilities and industrial warehouse space for lease at affordable rates. Here are the advantages of utilizing Your Space.

  • Pick-and-Drop of items.
  • 24/7 physical security and CCTV surveillance.
  • Special and climate controlled storage facility.
  • Fire-safe.
  • Alarm systems with power backup.
  • Centralized biometric access to stored items.
  • Pest control at regular intervals.

We, at Your Space, understand how downsizing can take an emotional toll when it comes to preserving precious and most cherished belongings. Your Space assists in planning and executing the entire preserving and storage process.

So, if you are preparing to relocate to a smaller space, seek the expertise and abundant resources and services of Your Space, where you can entrust your most sensitive and cherished assets.