Simple Tips to Pamper Your Chaniya Cholis after Navratri

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June 27, 2017
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‘Aye Haloooooo………!’ that famous Gujarati slang which our brains begin to constantly whisper in our ears when we realise that India’s one of the most glittering festival ‘Navratri’ is approaching. Our excitement level reaches the 7th sky and so, we begin with all the preparations for the festival one month before. For girls or women, shopping becomes a part of their daily routine, as they have to buy some trendy chaniya cholis, jewelleries, etc. or strive to get their old outfits perfect. As a matter of fact, the hard work done for Navratri is worth it because then those nine days prove to be the best time of our lives.

But once ‘Navratri’ is over, a challenge surprises us. The chaniya cholis which we carefully took out of our shelves, used them and then made a pile, are now to be stored in a way that they retain their beauty for a long time. And so, here are some simple tips to pamper our chaniya cholis, which if followed then they can be maintained easily:

Check whether Refinishing is Required

To maintain the charm of chaniya cholis for ‘Saalon Saal’, you must first carefully have a look at them. See if the beads or threads are falling, borders are ripping off or the edges are to be redone and then ensure to fix the flaws before you wash & store them.

Give it for a Dry Clean

Navratri means a lot of Garba i.e. dancing, which means we have to sweat, and as we play on a ground or on the street, our pretty outfits have to get dirty. But obviously to preserve unclean chaniya cholis is harmful for our next Navratri. Therefore, always give your Navratri outfits for dryclean for a completely clean & tidy wash.

Perfect Folding Keeps Chaniya Choli Perfect

In case of chaniya choli with heavy work, ‘folding’ is an important step. Because if such outfits are not folded properly then it may damage the design or the work. And so, before folding heavy chaniya cholis always keep either a paper, a sheet of tissue paper or soft fabrics so that the zari or embroidery does not rub against each other and get tangled.

Safe and Secured Storage

‘Folding’ is undoubtedly an important step. But storing is the most significant one to pampering our chaniya cholis. To store the outfits, we need a proper space which is not infested with moth, termite or other such insects, and is good enough to keep them fresh & intact for a long time. So, you can store your chaniya cholis in big suitcases or have a separate space in cupboards for them, and keep some camphor to protect them.

So, these were a few simple tips that will retain your chaniya cholis and its beauty for a long time. But if you want to preserve your precious dresses in the most perfect, safe and secured manner, then you must give a call to Your Space. Your Space is that helping hand which offers you with best storage spaces that are temperature controlled, are under 24 hour surveillance, have fire safety facilities and many others, to safely store your chaniya cholis. They are the only ones to aid you to preserve and pamper your pretty outfits.

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