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December 15, 2017
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June 4, 2018

Space crunch is a common problem in Indian households. The space available might not suit the kind of item to be stored. For example – a coach, a sports supplier or a player might have some extra sports equipment. Usually, they get a corner of the garage or the terrace to store their sports items at home. The loophole is, sports equipment once stored outdoor in unsuitable conditions become worn out, smelly or bacteria-prone. This diminishes the usage and longevity of the sports equipment.

To facilitate sports lovers with the right environment to store their sports belongings, Your Space offers Climate-Controlled Storage. Balls, bats, rods to kayaks and even bikes can be stored at the Your Space, one of the pioneer storage services providers in India to ensure extra protection in the following ways-

Protects from extreme weather conditions
There are places in India where during the peak of summer or winter, some particular sports cannot be practiced. Referred to as recess session, during these times climate-controlled storage is healthy for storing your sports belongings. These are noted for a consistent temperature such that when you plan to re-use your sports items, you won’t find them worn, torn or smelly.

Controlled humidity and moisture level
Rise in humidity level leads to fungal growth on sports equipment. This is unwanted and makes the item a waste. To avoid this, Your Space Climate- Controlled Storage has both temperature and humidity control facilities. Best of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), dehumidifiers and customizable thermostats are installed to make the storage space climate-controlled in true sense.

No dust, pest and debris
Storing goods can lead to a layer of dust or debris on them. Keeping in open areas also makes sports equipments prone to bees, wasps, ants, and other pests. That won’t be the case when you keep your sports equipment in Your Space storage.

Additional noteworthy facilities of Your Space include Valet service-door pickup & delivery, 24×7 surveillance, an online Space Calculator and request return of your items whenever needed. Can you provide these best storage facilities to your sports items at home? Better, switch to Your Space now.