Store Your Wedding Surplus With Your Space

Tips On How Entrepreneurs Can Use Self-Storage
June 4, 2018

“I have too much storage space”, said no-one, ever.

YOUR SPACE has over 15 years of experience in preserving, storing and managing physical records. Today, the company has grown to bring their expertise in safe storage and transit services to businesses and individuals who want world-class, professional and personalized service. Whether you need space the size of a box or thousands of square feet, whether you need storage for a few weeks or a few months – YOUR SPACE – the best storage Space Provider in India has customized solutions for you.

Co-founder, Disha Doctor says their services are particularly pertinent for families where a wedding is being planned. There are so many situations that warrant the need for more space, “It could be that two households are now being united – what do you do with duplication of furniture, kitchen items etc.? There’s also items from the process of the wedding – where will you store wedding invitations, party favors, decorations? If you are planning a destination wedding, there may be things you buy in advance that will only be needed on the day itself, in another country! And after the wedding, where will you put all the gifts? And the other items of décor etc that you don’t know what to do with? These usually end up cluttering your living space.”

And that’s where YOUR SPACE comes in. “We have so many things that are precious to us – whether of sentimental value or otherwise – but they may not be required frequently or you may want to use them when you have a bigger home or at a later date. You may want to hold off on making a decision about items you want to give away or even sell. You’re busy enough doing more urgent things – so put them in our care with household storage facilities available at YOUR SPACE.”

The co-founders, Viral and Disha say they are super aware of the basic need for extra space every individual has – especially around the time of weddings and the creation of new households. “We wanted to provide flexible, affordable storage options for individuals and service them at their doorstep. We are a valet storage service – we pick, collect, store and return at your doorstep.” The company has a 360 approach to storage which includes insurance as well.

Get in touch to find out how your precious things in little (and large packages) can be safely kept until you need them.