Tips On How Entrepreneurs Can Use Self-Storage

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May 21, 2018
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December 26, 2018

Co-working space is a buzzword among Indian entrepreneurs. It is trending because co-working space or home-based offices make a steep cut on the operational cost of a business. However, there is a demerit too. Space crunch is the new concern for today’s entrepreneurs. Businesses or offices have abundant valuable assets but limited space to store them. The solution to this rising space crunch problem is self-storage units. This is a newly emerged concept in the country that can really benefit today’s entrepreneurs in the following situations:

a) For renovation or relocation

During renovation or relocation, an office may need temporary space to keep stationery, furniture or appliances. How about opting for self-storage units? Entrepreneurs can rent the small, mid-sized or large units for very short span or long time as well. The best part is, no one except you have access to your office assets in these units. This minimizes the scope of damage or misplacement. You can retrieve your things when you want.

b) To declutter your workplace

Extra belongings around an office create space crunch for the employees. How about organizing your workspace and keeping all unwanted belongings away? This will maximize your workspace. Also, the unwanted office belongings can stay safe and secured in the self-storage units than cluttering the office.

c) To reserve extra stock

Businesses often supply products to other cities in order to enhance their market. Entrepreneurs can reserve their extra stock in self-storage units of the other city. Even if not physically present in the other city, your surplus stock remains protected.

d) Create revenue generating space in office

Often offices have rooms and spaces filled with unused resources. How about revamping that space into a revenue-generating area? You can keep the unused resources in a self-storage unit and use the rest of available space. Like this you can revamp your storeroom into a conference zone.

Secured Units

These warehouses have proper fire safety equipment, regular pest control service, biometric security access, CCTV surveillance and central monitoring system. It therefore makes more sense to keep your office assets in storage units, which offer more security and are more cost-effective, rather than keeping in your regular office environment.

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